University of Waterloo Computer Science, Class of 2020

Welcome to my site!

My name is Jeff.

I like to build things.

Websites, APIs...

Cloud infrastructure...

ML models & pipelines... name it!

If it's challenging...

You can bet I'll love it.

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Welcome to my site!

Full Stack Developer | ML & Cloud Engineer | Co-founder of Open Mind

University of Waterloo Computer Science


What I'm all about.

I am a highly driven and inquisitive engineer with a passion for the sciences, a love for the arts, and a strong commitment to community.

Learning has been the singular constant in my life. Whether through contests, hackathons, or side projects, I enjoy continuously pushing myself to learn new skills and solve interesting technical challenges.

I strive to embody a startup mentality. At each of my previous internships, I have taken the intiative to reduce developer toil, increase value to customers, or solve mission-critical problems in addition to completing my core project.

At a Glance

  • 3International Medals
  • 2Hackathons Wins
  • 1Peer Reviewed Paper


What I can do.

Web Dev

React, Redux, Meteor and anything else that can be npm-installed

Machine Learning

Artificial neural nets, convolutional neural nets, Bayes classifiers

Cloud Technology

AWS λ, EC2, EC2 ASG/ELB, ECS, SQS, CloudWatch, SNS...and Azure

Continuous Integration

Jenkins, CircleCi, Slack Integrations, Dependency Caching, Microservices

Backend Infrastructure

NodeJS/ExpressJS servers, nginx load balancing, Dockerized services

Delivery Mindset

A passion for delivering above and beyond expectations every time


Where I've been.

  • Google

    Seattle | 2019

    Developed and launched a Golang microservice to analyze configuration changes and estimate their impact on production resource availability. Built a data pipeline that aggregated data from the microservice and generated AngularJS web reports for project managers to review.

  • Splunk

    San Francisco | 2018

    Designed a Kubernetes service to predictively adjust AWS capacity in response to internal testing demand, saving 1.3 million dollars in the first year. Expanded Splunk's supported platforms to Kubernetes with a custom operator capable of bootstrapping distributed Splunk deployments.

  • XOR

    Los Angeles | 2018

    Managed development of a blockchain lending platform in an Agile scrum team. Created and ensured adherence to product roadmap. Led investor communications by drafting the product whitepaper and pitch emails, which ultimately secured funding from the 1517 investment fund.

  • SelfMade

    New York City | 2018

    Overcame a company-wide blocker by proposing and implementing an auto-scaling, self-replicating EC2 cluster capable of bypassing Instagram’s 200 request/hr API rate limit. Built a triplet convolutional net in Pytorch to identify stylistically similar Instagram users. Developed this model into a content sourcing feature, enabling client managers to automatically find relevant images to repost on customers’ Instagram accounts.

  • Teranet

    Toronto | 2017

    Implemented a location-based search results caching feature using the Java Spring framework and PostgreSQL, improving load time by an average of 45%. Designed and implemented a cross-domain cookie authentication system to securely load and cache proprietary images from a partner company. Overhauled CI system by upgrading Jenkins, porting a Windows build process to Linux, and refactoring Selenium tests, saving at least $50,000 in hardware maintenance costs.


How I've learned.

  • University of Waterloo

    Computer Science (2016 - Present)

    4.97/5 GPA, Dean's Honor List (all terms), President's Scholarship of Distinction.

  • Wilfrid Laurier University

    Business Administration (2016 - 2018)

    12/12 GPA, voluntary withdrawal after second year to focus on computer science.


How I've done.

  • International Chemistry Olympiad Bronze Medal Bronze Medal
  • Major League Hacking Season Medal Season Medal
  • CEMC Top 1% Top 1%
  • Kik Technology Pitch Competition Finalist Pitch Finalist
*More extensive list available on LinkedIn.


Get in touch!

  • LocationCanada / United States
  • Phone+1 (647) 983 1249 +1 (332) 255 8564

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